God, I have a headache that just won’t go away. I’m gonna go try to sleep it off, night guys.


Anonymous prompted: Blaine being all sleepy when kurt is making breakfast like him cuddling kurt from behind etc thanks!

Kurt slips out of bed, although it isn’t easy - Blaine clings like a limpet in the morning, snuffling a little in his sleep when Kurt finally manages to pull away and slides a pillow in his place, letting Blaine snuggle that instead.

He admittedly misses the cozy warmth of his and Blaine’s nest of blankets, standing in the open kitchen as he stretches and yawns, pulling ingredients out from the fridge. But he loves getting the chance to surprise Blaine, too. It’s so rare that he’s up before his fiancé and presented with the opportunity to spoil Blaine with pancakes.

Kurt’s preoccupied enough with cooking that he doesn’t hear the soft shuffle of feet until Blaine’s arms are sliding around his waist and a nose is nuzzling at the back of Kurt’s shoulder, through the thin material of his t-shirt. Blaine makes a muffled sleepy noise and Kurt’s face wrinkles with a smile. “Good morning.”

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thirdtimecharmed asked:
You cut yourself on an audiobook I think you get a trophy for that

What trophy would that be, exactly? The “World’s Biggest Idiot” trophy?

Also, for clarification: the audiobooks that we purchase from the library binders rather than from the publishers come in cases that have edges that stick out, rather than the smooth edges publisher cases have. Once when I was putting of the library bound cases back, I tripped over my own feet and jabbed that case into my hand, cutting it open.

OH AND I ALSO CUT MYSELF WITH THE POPCORN MACHINE ONCE. That was the other of my two accident reports at work - the first was from shutting my hand in the door.

The story begins with an unfortunate meeting between a name and the school’s email assignment method, and it never ends. Poor poor anal band. Or pasta butt. Now there’s a funny story…

Well you can’t just leave it there, Caroline!

Harry Potter + Places



Accidental personal injuries are absolutely the worst. “Oh, how did you do that?” “Well, frankly, I’m an idiot.”



turn ons: nice hair, feminist ideology

I still don’t understand where people come up with half this stuff but whatever

The Internet’s full of weird things, man. At least we’ve moved out of the “and then they fucked without any lube” era of fic writing.